driving lessons at night

Top tips for driving at night

Some people find that driving at night can feel a bit daunting. The darkness of the roads and the lights of other cars can be blinding, causing the driver to feel less clear about the road ahead of them. Driving at night is often a necessity and in the winter months when the days are shorter, you often have no option but to drive whilst it’s dark. There’s no need to dread driving at night. By following our top tips below you’ll soon realise it’s as straightforward as driving in the day.


Clean your windows


At night, the glare from other cars can be blinding. You’ll want to ensure your windows don’t have extra dirt and grease on them which can affect your vision.

driving lessons at night

Dip your lights

You might need to use your fog lights while driving in the dark, especially if you’re driving down country lanes and away from street lights. Be sure to dip your lights down as soon as you see light from another car so as not to blind the other driver.

Give space

Be extra careful when driving at night, especially around pedestrians. If they’re leaving pubs or clubs they might be drunk and less aware of their surroundings and could walk into the road. Be sure to give the other cars on the road near you extra space. If they make last minute braking decisions, you should have enough space to react without crashing into them.

Stay alert

At night when visibility is affected, make an extra effort to keep your eyes peeled for other road users, including cars and cyclists. It can be hard to spot other vehicles. This is especially the case if they haven’t switched on their lights or aren’t wearing the correct reflective clothing. Be sure to keep alert to other people using the same space as you to avoid an accident.

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