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4 top tips for passing your practical test

Everything has been leading to this moment. After weeks, or perhaps months of driving lessons, they have all been building to this: the practical driving test. No matter how confident you may have been in your lessons, stress can easily take its hold on the day of the test. However, with these four simple tips, you can beat back the stress and focus on acing your practical test.

1. Take your time

It may feel like you’re the last person to get their own car. Everyone else is hitting the road, driving along the sweet, sweet roads of freedom. You want to get out behind the wheel as quickly as possible, and that can mean many rush into taking their practical driving test. But first, take a moment. Wait. Are you taking the test because you are ready, or because you are impatient? Wait until you are fully confident in your abilities as a driver to take your test. Better to wait to succeed, rather than rush into it and risk failing.

2. Talk to your friends

If you are the last person to take their test, you are at an advantage. You have a group of friends ahead of you, able to give you a heads up about what to expect. Whatever the subject, whenever a big test is coming up, it can feel like you are alone in facing the daunting tasks ahead. Talk to your friends and even your family to remind yourself that you are not alone, and you have a wide array of support around you. Your driving instructor as well is a great source of information too. Remember they wouldn’t be where they were without having to have taken the same test as you.

practical test

3. Visit the test centre

Before the test, ask your instructor if you can visit the test centre. That way you can familiarise yourself with the lot and surrounding area, where your test will take place. Knowing the area, you can visualise yourself there, you can visualise the test, you can visualise the goal. Suddenly, the impossible feat of actually passing your test doesn’t seem so impossible anymore.

4. Talk to your examiner

They’re not an ogre, they’re not a devil looking to see you fail. Your examiner is a person, just like you. And they want the same thing that you do. They want you to succeed. Introduce yourself, say hello to your examiner. A simple attempt to break the ice also breaks the tension and lets you relax and focus on the task at hand.

Following these tips will hopefully make that daunting driving test feel that little less daunting. If you have yet to start driving lessons, then head over to and check out the fantastic offers on driving lessons. Knowing these helpful tips beforehand can help you reach your automotive goal in a more efficient and stress-free manner.

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