Motorway driving training

Motorway driving lessons

Learners drivers who only hold a provisional license are not permitted to drive on motorways in the UK and so for many, this can be quite daunting when they first experience the speeds and driving styles of other motorists on the busiest of Britain’s roads. That’s why here at Retro Driving School, we offer motorway driving lessons for our students after they’ve passed their driving test.

It no so much that our students need to get used to driving at higher speeds because the national speed limit on dual carriage ways is the exactly the same at 70mph. Instead my students tell me that it’s more about getting accustomed to sharing the road with the other motorist that are often travelling at well over this speed limit. Like me, you’ve probably seen some drivers hurtle along at speeds that to me appeared to be well above 100mph.

Motorway driving is often about confidence

This means that a driver’s reaction time needs to be quicker than on other types of roads to accommodate for the fast moving hazards around them. This is why so many people avoid motorway driving altogether. I found an interesting story recently on the Daily Mail website which profile one lady driver’s phobia. The apprehension she describes is shared by many newly qualified and experienced drivers alike.

If you’re among those people who find motorways intimidating, you’ll be pleased to learn that there is help available. For most of the drivers whom I’ve taught on motorway lessons, the problem is more in their minds rather than a lack of driving ability.

Apprehension & doubt can cause drivers to change their driving style, become timid and even hesitate while changing lanes or manoeuvring around slower moving vehicles. This can cuase uncertainty in the other drivers around them and lead to confusion about what they’re going to do.

Happily After 2 – 3 hours on the M1, (that’s the motorway that’s closest to us here in Milton Keynes) my student’s belief in their driving ability has most often been strengthens to such an extent that they’re able to navigate the 3 lane highways safely on their own.

If you’d like to learn more about motorway driving lessons or book a session for yourself or family member you’ll find details about the cost, availability and how to book online click the button below to visit or booking page.


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  1. Arena DMsays:

    Good post, very helpful thanks.

    1. Thank you very much.
      We’re trying to use our expiernece and knowledge to help anyone out there to drive safe as that’s priority on the roads.

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