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4 benefits of students learning to drive BEFORE university

Over 200,000 people are now accepted to university each year. These young adults will spend years working towards their degree – which doesn’t leave much time to learn how to drive. That’s why future students should consider investing in an instructor and getting their licence before going to university in September. If you are thinking that learning to drive would not be beneficial to you, here are just four benefits to consider.

Age and learning to drive

It’s true that a good driving instructor can get any willing learner through their test. But it’s commonly understood that picking up a new skill is easier for people when they are young. Yes, three or four years might not seem like a long time to wait before finally getting on the open road. However, it could mean a notable increase in how many lessons are required.

learning to drive
Job opportunities

The job market is more competitive that ever. As well, some of the best roles will require candidates to have a clean driving licence before they can apply. Of course, most students will want to jump straight into the job hunt once they have completed their education. Therefore, they should try to pass their test before heading to university.


A large majority of students move miles away from home when they go to university. Due to this, it can be a comfort to know that they can return without having to use public transport. In addition, if students drive then they can choose their university based purely on the quality of their course. There should be no need to consider the transport links available.


Retro Driving School offers lessons at an extremely competitive price. However, the cost of learning to drive – which includes a theory and practical test – is never exactly cheap. The price can certainly be easier to manage before an individual is saddled with years of student debt.

Are you going to university?

It’s never been easier for people to pass their driving test before heading off to university in September. While some might be talented enough to obtain their licence with weekly lessons, intensive crash courses are also available. These are ideal for those learners who want to speed through the process. For more information, get in touch with Retro Driving School today.

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