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Whatever the weather, drive safe with these tips

It’s no secret that weather can have a heavy impact on driving conditions. During your lessons, your instructor will help you learn important safety tips for many conditions. When you pass your test and begin setting off on your own, you’ll be the one who has to make important decisions. With that in mind, here are some important tips for driving in difficult conditions.

driving lesson

1. Driving in heavy rain

Heavy rain can obstruct your vision, even if you have the windscreen wipers on. Therefore you must take it slow, reducing your speed by at least five miles per hour. Slowing down is also advised due to the wet road surfaces and the hazards created by them. Avoid driving through flooded areas and always apply your brakes gently to test them after driving through deep puddles.

2. Driving in bright sunlight

When the sun is too low or too bright driving can be hazardous. Keeping your car windows clean can improve visibility, as the sun’s glare will cling to dirt and dust. Keep a pair of sunglasses in your car at all times and adjust your visor for maximum protection. If your eyes begin to hurt from the sunlight, pull over in a safe place and rest them for a while.

3. Driving in ice and snow

It is particularly important to drive slowly in ice or snow. Avoid the need to brake hard to reduce the risk of skidding or sliding. If the weather is too extreme consider how essential it is that you make your journey. It is good advice not to drive in these conditions unless it is necessary.

4. Driving in thick fog

When driving in fog always ensure your fog lights are on. Keep a safe distance between your car and other vehicles at all times. You will need to drive cautiously due to a lack of visibility. Particularly when driving downhill or around a bend.

Always remember that if you don’t feel it’s safe to drive, then don’t. If you’re looking for a driving school so that you can be a safe and confident driver then https://www.retrodrivingschool.co.uk/contact/ today.

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