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Driving test-the pros and cons of telling people about it

Let’s say that you’ve finally set a date in stone for your driving test – now what? The big question on your mind will no doubt concern whether you should tell people when it’s happening. After all, there are several factors to weigh up if letting the cat out of the bag before the day. If you’re currently struggling to make this decision, here are some pros and cons to think about.


It could certainly come in handy for people to know about your driving test ahead of time. This is especially true if you need any last-minute pearls of wisdom or words of encouragement. A simple ‘good luck’ could go a long way before you set off. Meanwhile, these same people will be there to console if you don’t get the result you want.

Let’s not also forget that people – whether friends or family – will be more accommodating if they know about your test. This could mean that they’ll be more understanding if you’re acting stressed ahead of the exam. In some cases, they might go out of their way to help you relax before you get behind the wheel. Ultimately, you’ll have your best chance of passing if you’re feeling chilled out during the test.

driving test


Driving tests are already high-pressure situations without having to worry about letting people down. If you’re concerned about the reaction of your family and friends, this could make you even more nervous. It’s when you’re in this frame of mind that mistakes happen.

In addition, you should find that you’re able to bounce back faster if you fail. This is because you can put the mishap behind you without having to explain it again and again to others.

Go with your gut!

Your driving instructor will help you make this decision if you’re struggling to do so yourself. However, it’s probably best that you go with your gut and choose whatever makes you feel comfortable. This could depend on which of the concerns raised above bother you more. To make sure you’re only faced with this dilemma once, be sure to learn with Retro Driving School. This way you’ll have your best shot of passing first time around. Need a proof? Have a look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjgqwpjChsg.

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