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Driving instructor training- what do you need to know?

First step into a new and exciting career!

Driving instructor training- if you’re looking for a new career- look no further! ADI is your answer!

Advantages of becoming a driving instructor

Flexible hours, working part time or full time, being your own boss, – these are only some of the advantages of working in the field. Although the driving instructor training can be expensive but you can get your money back quite quickly. You probably seen adverts claiming that you can earn 30K plus a year. It is true, but of course, you will need to put some effort and time into your business to get it. First thing first, outstanding website- remember if you love it your customers will do to! Building your customer base- very important. Lots of your customers will come through word-to-mouth- so remember- excellent customer service is the key!

Where to start? First steps to complete the driving instructor training

If think you have it all and by that we mean that you are patient, don’t mind working long hours and are tolerant- here you will find all information, how to go about it. First and most important, you need to be over 21 years old and pass a criminal record check. To start driving instructor training you first need to register with the DVSA – Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. Once all approved and completed, you can start your preparation for the three parts of ADI tests:

Part 1, which is a theory test, Part 2 practical driving test and last but not least Part 3 instructional ability test.

Please bear in mind that the overall pass rate for the ADI qualification is only 50%. Therefore, when looking for a training school, it’s always best to check their experience and pupils pass rate.

When your driving instructor training is completed, it’s time to start your own business- you can either become a self employed sole trader or incorporate limited company- whichever option will be best for you. From that point, as a business owner, you are in charge of paying your own bills, taxes and other costs involved in running a business.

Here at Retro Driving School we’ve got consultants who can guide you through the whole process with HMRC and Companies House. We can also give a professional advice on how to actually run your business on a day by day basis, including setting up the prices, generating revenue and other aspects involved.

driving instructor training

So, to sum up- anything is possible. Build up your Can do attitude, complete the driving instructor training, and become successful!

If you love what you do and want to share your passion, start your new career today- don’t delay your success!

2 thoughts on “Driving instructor training- what do you need to know?

  1. Arena DMsays:

    This is a good post and a very helpful website so thanks for taking the time to create it. Can I ask, how long does it take to train as a driving instructor?

    1. You can qualify as Aproved Driving Instructor as quickly as 3 months if all the test dates will come quickly.
      Sometimes it takes longer even up to two years and no longer then that as your part 1 which is theory is valid only for two years.

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