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3 benefits of building a good rapport with your driving instructor

Learner drivers don’t just need a driving instructor who is professional and boasts a high pass rate. Instead, they need one that they can also build a good rapport with. While a great relationship with your instructor might seem like a luxury, it’s more of a necessity than people realise. With this in mind, here are three reasons why it’s important you learn to drive with someone you like.

It’s more comfortable

Driving lessons can become high pressure situations in an instant. In fact, even the best learners are likely to become stressed when first getting used to the open road. This can sometimes result in frustration, sorrow and even tears. Rather than hiding your emotions from your instructor, you should feel comfortable communicating with them when times get tough. In turn, this should help you move one step closer to getting your driving licence.

driving instructor
It increases productivity

Driving instructors are there to help – but they’re not mind readers. Essentially, you have to ask if you have any lingering questions or concerns about being behind the wheel. Therefore, it certainly helps if you have a good rapport with the person teaching you to drive. It should mean that you can speak up when necessary and pick their brains for more information. As a result, you could find yourself getting to test standard even faster.

The lessons go faster


The average learner driver is currently looking at around 45 hours on the road before passing their test. While in some cases people pass well before this timeframe, others may take a little extra time. Sadly, the lessons could begin to feel like a slog if you don’t have a good rapport with your instructor. You could even begin to consider them a chore and fail to see the joys that come with driving.

Let’s get driving!

The best driving instructors will be friendly and approachable by nature. This means that you shouldn’t struggle to build bridges or have things to speak about with them. For individuals that are easy to get along with and highly qualified, get in touch with Retro Driving School today.

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