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Driving in the city vs driving in the country

As you’re learning to drive, you’re likely to be more used to driving either in a countryside location or in a populated area such as a city. Once you pass your test and you’re free to head out on your own, you’ll experience driving in all types of locations. Before you rush off, there are some key differences you should look out for. If you’re driving in a new area different to one you’re used to, then this blog could be useful for you! Read on below for our top tips!

driving school

Tips for city drivers in the country

If you’re used to busy, populated areas such as a town or city, country driving can feel quite different. You will have to drive more slowly than your usual pace around country lanes, as you won’t be used to their twists and turns and unexpected dips. Watch out for animals and wildlife and don’t assume they will move out of your way. You should ensure also you only brake for them when it’s safe to do so. If you’re driving at night, use your full beam as many areas won’t have street lights. Ensure you turn them off as soon as you see another car.

Tips for country drivers in the city

As a country driver in the city, you will find you’re often sat in slow-moving traffic much more than you’re used to. You’ll need to be confident in your road signs. Be alert for traffic lights and tram signals which you will need to stop for. Be patient, there’ll be a lot of traffic. You’ll need to make way for traffic merging, which isn’t as common in rural areas. You’ll also find there are a lot more people you need to watch out for. This is especially the case with pedestrians crossing in the middle of the road.

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