driver fatigue

Stay safe and learn to recognise driver fatigue

Otherwise known as extreme tiredness, fatigue can be fatal for drivers. Learning how to recognise the effects of fatigue will keep you and your passengers safe. Some effects are more obvious than others, so make sure you’re aware of all the signs.

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Struggling to keep your eyes focused

When you’re tired you may find it hard to focus on the road. Driving requires your full attention at all times, so a lack of focus is a serious warning sign. While it may be tempting to keep going and get to your destination, it’s best to stop. Taking the time to get some fresh air can be a great way to feel refreshed and improve focus.

You find yourself daydreaming

A focused mind is just as important as focused eyes. If you find your thoughts wandering it could mean that you’re overtired and need a break. You may not associate daydreaming with fatigue, but the effects can be disastrous. Find a safe place to pull over, have a sleep if possible or get out and stretch your legs.

Head nodding

It can be surprising how quickly you can fall asleep. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming you’d never fall asleep at the wheel. If you find your head nodding involuntarily then you are definitely on the brink of sleep. When this happens you must find a place to stop. In the meantime, roll down your window and get some fresh air. A warm car will only make you sleepier.

Making mistakes or missing exits

Everybody makes mistakes and as long as you react to them safely it’s rarely an issue. If you find yourself making a lot of mistakes or missing exits and turnings it could be down to tiredness. Small mistakes can easily become dangerous if you do not address them and allow yourself to rest.

Keeping safe on the road includes many factors, not just recognising fatigue. For the best start, ensure you choose a driving school with experienced instructors. If you’re looking for driving lessons in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas contact us today.

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