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Another driving test pass, well done Adam

This week Adam is the latest student of Retro Driving School to pass his driving test with flying colours.

After his test Adam returned from the Bletchley Test Centre near Milton Keynes to receive the good news, his face quickly broke out into a broad smile when the examiner announce that he was now a qualified driver.

It was great doing driving lessons in Milton Keynes with you, also really good pass with five minors. You will make a very good and safe driver, all the best Adam!


The best things about being a driving instructor

As with the majority of jobs, there are both advantages and disadvantages. Driving instruction is a little different to most jobs out there and may not be suitable to all.

For me, perhaps the most rewarding part of this job is sharing in the seance of achievement that my students experience when they eventually pass their driving test, but I also take great satisfaction in in watching young people gain an important life skills that will serve them well and keep them safe for the whole of their lives.


motorway driving lessons milton keynesMotorway driving lessons & defensive driving courses

Recently a number of my students have expressed an interest in continuing advanced driving training after they become qualified. One student requested extra lessons with a specific focus on motorway driving and this makes good seance. On a motorway the speeds that some drivers will travel verge on the criminally insane certainly far above the 70 miles per hour legal limit. This can be intimidating for newly qualified drivers and so it makes for good reasoning to have an experienced driver in the car on the first occasions that you take this step up.

If you’d like to learn more about our motorway driving lessons or defensive and hazard avoidance training, please call Patryk on 07572 159012


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