Intensive driving course- door to success!

Intensive driving course- worth a try?

When you are learning to drive, it can be easy for distractions to get in the way, which cause you to stop and start your lessons. In doing this, you can seriously impact your ability to pass your test. This is why so many students opt for an intensive driving course instead. With an intensive course, you take your driving lessons for longer days over a shorter period of time, rather than just one hour a week. There are many benefits to taking this approach when learning.

1. It’s quicker

The most obvious reason for taking an intensive course is that it’s quicker. Your driving instructor will take you through much longer lessons each day. It means you will gain the expertise required to pass a lot earlier than you would if taking one lesson a week. Therefore, if you need to pass your driving test quickly for work or for any other reasons, this is a much more favourable choice.

2. Gain more experience

Due to the nature of intensive courses, you can get more experience than you would with individual lessons. It is quite easy to forget what you learn from one week to the next. However with an intensive course, you will learn at a much quicker rate and become more experienced in driving.

intensive driving course benefits

3. Easier to accommodate

If you don’t have a lot of spare time, intensive driving courses can be a better choice. You will initially need the time to complete the course. However it can be easier to fit in one week of intensive lessons than find a spare hour every week – sometimes for years, depending on how quickly you pass. Many students take a week off work to do their lessons and by the end of the week, they are able to drive.

4. Less nerve-wracking

If you are the type of student who doesn’t particularly look forward to your driving lesson, you might find that an hour isn’t enough time to relax, never mind to perform well. However, with intensive driving courses, you have plenty of time to get settled, which can make them much less nerve-wracking.

5. Cost effective

Also, depending on how many lessons you are likely to take, the intensive course can be more cost effective. You will have a bigger outlay at the beginning, but it can be a cheaper option in the long run.

If you would like to find out more about our intensive driving course or becoming an instructor, get in touch with us at Retro Driving School today.

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