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Driving lessons: Why you shouldn’t be afraid to splash out

Driving schools often try to entice learners with low-priced lessons. This can be tempting, especially for those people who are eager to get on the open road without breaking the bank. However, people who are truly interested in attaining their licence shouldn’t be afraid to splash the cash ever so slightly. After all, paying just a bit more has many benefits that all learners should want to take advantage of. With this in mind, here’s why you shouldn’t attempt to bag a bargain when it comes to your driving lessons.


driving lessons


The process of picking a driving school isn’t too dissimilar from buying goods in a shop. For instance, if you cut corners on the price then you can expect a lesser quality. This could be anything from an inexperienced instructor to lesser emphasis on getting a quick pass. Meanwhile, those schools with higher-priced lessons choose the cost to reflect their quality and experience. In the past, Retro Driving School has even dealt with students whose previous instructors had failed to explain the importance of mirrors despite charging for 10 hours of lessons.


Driving lessons should be considered in the long-term rather than the short-term. This means that while low-cost lessons might seem like a money-saver at present, in the long-run they could actually end up being more of a financial burden. While the lessons may come cheap, learners often require more hours on the road – and this ultimately means forking out additional money. On the other hand, higher-priced driving schools will cost much less in the long-run as students pass their tests faster.


At Retro Driving School, it’s not uncommon for students to take to the main road after just two hours – but the same can’t be said for other schools. Students risk delaying their progression when they invest in a low-cost instructor, which can mean spending up to 20 hours worth of lessons without getting a taste of a real road. Comparatively, Retro Driving School aims to have students ready for their test within a similar timeframe when they have driving lessons in Dunstable.

The answer is clear

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