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Tips for driving in the heat for new drivers

Great Britain is hardly known for its scorching weather. That said, every now and then the temperature does shoot through the roof – and it could very well happen this summer. If this does occur, it will create a unique environment that learner drivers aren’t used to. If you’re concerned about a heatwave hitting on the run up to your practical test, here are a number of handy tips to make sure that you continue to excel behind the wheel.

Check the forecast

Be sure to check the weather forecast so that you know what you’re letting yourself in for. Don’t just presume that it will have cooled down before you sit in the driver’s seat.

Dress comfortably

It’s best that you lose a few layers before hitting the open road. You don’t want to wear anything that will make you feel uncomfortable or else this could distract you. Steer clear of long-sleeved shirts and – as usual when it comes to your driving lessons – let fashion go out of the window.

Take a bottle of water

It’s important that you remain hydrated as this will help you keep focused. Rather than going without liquid or having to run into a shop during your lesson, make sure you bring a bottle of water along for the ride.

Open the windows

In some circumstances, you might be able to turn on the air conditioning. However, you can always crack open a window too. Just make sure that you are aware that this will increase the noise in the car. Additionally, you might want to open the window before you set off so that you don’t have to take your attention off the wheel and gears at any point.

Don’t shy away

There’s no point shying away from your driving lessons just because it’s red hot. The experience will be a valuable one and further prepare you for life behind the wheel.

Need more advice?

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