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5 questions to ask to find the right driving instructor for you

Imagine spending 35 hours of your life in close proximity with a complete stranger. That’s what you do when you start driving lessons, which is why it’s important that you choose the right instructor for you. In fact the relationship you have with your driving instructor can be one of the biggest factors in whether you pass or fail. At Retro Driving School we want you to have the same level of success as all our learners, so we’ve put together the 5 questions you need to ask when choosing a driving instructor.

1. How long have you been working as a driving instructor?

No, you’re not being cheeky. In fact any good instructor will be pleased that you’re well informed and are asking the right questions. Whether you prefer an instructor with years of experience, or someone new to the job with the latest ideas, the answer to this question will help you make that decision.

2. What’s your pass rate?

Don’t believe an instructor who tells you they have a 100% pass rate, because it doesn’t happen. However, any good instructor will have enough pride in their job to know their pass rate. And a truly great instructor will tell you how they’re going to help you to achieve a pass.

3. What do you think is the best teaching method?

This is quite a crucial question, as whether you like the answer or not will make a difference to whether you click with a certain instructor. If their way of teaching aligns with the way you learn, then you’ll learn more quickly.

4. Why should I choose you?

A confident instructor will have a very clear answer to this question and let you know exactly how they’re going to help you pass first time.

5. What’s your favourite thing about being a driving instructor?

A really good driving instructor is passionate about their job and about helping their learners overcome nerves, learn new skills and put you at your ease. If your prospective instructor seems bored or uninterested, then they’re not the right instructor for you.
At Retro Driving School we pride ourselves on finding the best driving instructor for you, so https://www.retrodrivingschool.co.uk/contact/ today to book a trial evaluation lesson.


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