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We offer Commercial Trainings for categories C & E, CPC trainings and haulage.

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We offer HGV training for Category C (Class 2 Licence) and LGV Category C+E (Class 1 Licence). This gives you the opportunity to drive rigid vehicles over 3.5 tonnes (3,500kg). Class 2 licence is the licence which anybody, who wants to develop a career in lorry driving, needs to take. Qualifying for your heavy goods vehicle licence is a piece of cake when you opt for lorry driver training from us. We provide HGV and LGV training in Bucks, Beds and Herts. And we have professional instructors situated in various locations throughout this area.

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Our commercial driving instructors are out on the road teaching students everyday and chances are, there’s a Retro instructor in your town right now. Our Training Centre in Leighton Buzzard where your lesson is started and finished, easy access, parking and plenty of space to train.

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    Example of quote for one of our clients. *

    Kieran who has driven 7.5 tonne trucks for last few years came to us and done his licence in 8 hours including the test.
    Cost 8 hours -£640

    +DVSA fee £115

    *This is an example and prices may vary depending on the location, expierience and booking availability.