Theory Pro - driver theory training

Fortunately, driver theory training has improve a lot since we invented the web

With the Theory Pro online theory test training you can prepare for you compulsory theory test and learn how to stay safe on the roads from the comfort of your own home.

You’re twice as likely to pass with Theory Test Pro.

Pass first Time Rate
According to the Theory Test Pro website, The UK average first time pass rate is 41% which it is claimed, more than double with the use of their system. By encouraging our students to use the course and helping the through the process, we’re achieving pass rates of over 95%. Other benefits include:

Practice Theory Test
Access the full revision question bank from the DVSA – the people run the UK driver theory tests.

Hazard Perception Test
Realistic hazard perception training helps alert you to types of events that drivers need to be on the look out for.

100% Online
With things like Facebook and Twitter why shouldn’t your theory test practice be online too?

Realistic Tests
The test software looks and feels exactly like the real tests.

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