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Fortunately, driver theory training has improve a lot since we invented the web

With the Theory Pro online theory test training you can prepare for you compulsory theory test and learn how to stay safe on the roads from the comfort of your own home.

You’re twice as likely to pass with Theory Test Pro.

Pass first Time Rate
According to the Theory Test Pro website, The UK average first time pass rate is 41% which it is claimed, more than double with the use of their system. By encouraging our students to use the course and helping the through the process, we’re achieving pass rates of over 95%. Other benefits include:

Practice Theory Test
Access the full revision question bank from the DVSA – the people run the UK driver theory tests.

Hazard Perception Test
Realistic hazard perception training helps alert you to types of events that drivers need to be on the look out for.

100% Online
With things like Facebook and Twitter why shouldn’t your theory test practice be online too?

Realistic Tests
The test software looks and feels exactly like the real tests.

Four reasons not to put off your theory test

It’s all too common for learner drivers to anticipate getting behind the wheel. However, there’s one thing that people don’t look forward to – and that’s the theory test. The exam – comprised of 50 multiple choice questions and hazard perception videos – is all too easy to put off. In reality, though, everyone should aim to pass the theory test sooner rather than later. Why? Well, mainly because there are countless benefits to getting it out of the way. With this in mind, here are four reasons why you shouldn’t put off your theory test.


The theory test is designed to help people understand the rules of the road. Without this vital knowledge, you may struggle with some basic aspects of driving – such as deciphering the road signs. Your progress will more than likely be limited until you finally master the Highway Code.

Pass rate

The theory test has gradually become harder over the course of the last decade. So much so that the pass rate fell to 48.7% in 2016/17, according to the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency. Realistically, it might take you more than one attempt to achieve success. Therefore, sitting the exam early is advisable in case it takes longer than expected to pass.

Practical test

The rules are clear concerning your driving test: you can’t attempt it without having passed the theory element. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that you can expect to pass your theory right before your practical. The waiting list for practical exams can stretch months in advance in some areas. However, once you’ve got your theory certificate in your hand you can start thinking about how to get your licence.


A good theory result will set you on a firm deadline. This is because once you’ve passed it you have two years to find success with the practical exam. This is a great motivator for many people because it stops them from taking breaks from their driving lessons.

Reach for the stars!

Retro Driving School will guide you every step of the way when it comes to attaining your driving licence. The skilled driving instructors have an excellent knowledge of the road and are happy to help you pass your theory. For more information on becoming a competent driver, get in touch.

4 tips for acing your theory test

If you’re considering learning to drive or have just started driving lessons, you might not have thought about your theory test. The good news is that you can start prepping for it whenever you’re ready.

Here are four tips on how to ace your theory test.

1. Revise

Preparation is crucial to success. The more you do, the greater your chances of passing are. The theory test involves 50 multiple choice questions out of a possible 1,000 – this is a challenging amount to learn!

Get yourself a copy of the Highway Code and a theory test handbook – the DVSA has usefully put one together. These guides can be easily purchased online, at book stores or second-hand. They often have test questions at the back, which give you the chance to practice what you’ve read.

2. Practice hazard perception

Part of the theory test requires you to take a hazard perception test. During this test, you have to point out different hazards shown in video clips.

You can practice using the Drive iQ app, but you can also brush up on your skills when out on the road practising your driving or as a passenger. Keep your eyes peeled for potential hazards: cars pulling out of driveways, cyclists, blind corners, steep inclines, reduced speed zones and so on.

3. Arrive at the test centre early

With 160 test centres nationwide, you’ll be able to find one near you. On the day of your test, leave yourself plenty of time, so that you don’t arrive flustered. You don’t want to panic and lose the valuable work you’ve done so far.

Make sure you take your provisional license photo card and any other documents you need. That way you can sit your test hassle-free.

4. Make the most of your time

Take full advantage of the 15 minutes practice time you get before your test. Once you’re in there, use the full 57 minutes you’re given. Try not to get flustered by any tricky questions. Flag them and go back to them at the end, once you have completed the rest, rather than spending ages looking at one question.

You also get a three minute break between the first and second half of your test. This gives you the chance to have a breather, regain your composure, and relax. The good news is that you’ll find out on the day if you have passed!

The Retro School of Motoring offer Theory Test Pro to give you complete confidence when you’re taking your theory test. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help you pass your test.

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