Success Story

Martina and Lucas Success Story

This is amazing story of Lucas and Martina. They started their journey with HGV licence by applying for government scheme boot camp. It turns out this is not as easy as you think because the waiting time is very long and the process is quite complicated. So they have decided after all that they will go with the local school. So they both done the courses with the local school which they were not 100% happy with the equipment, state of vehicles, instructors and the way the lessons has been done. 

They have gone for their tests and  both failed the test few times unfortunately, you can almost feel their frustration and disappointment here after all that money, hard work and time they have put in! Finally, they have contacted Retro and our Kasia in the office which proposed to both of them the assessment where their skills will be evaluated. They went for the drives with Robert in our amazing vehicles and been offered 10 hours courses which where tailored to each individual and personalised so we can work on their weakests aspects of their driving and boosting this confidence of course this with the test at the end. When they went on the road with our instructors they were very happy, very happy with the equipment, with the states of the trucks, with the way the lessons has been made, with how they’ve been taken care of from the beginning, from the office to the meeting and greeting, everything in here have been thought off, you almost guest in the hotel! They got personalised high vis vests and we have taken care of them really nicely including adapting training to their really busy schedule. And then they went for the test and they both passed the test first time! which is absolutely amazing but hey ho! This what’s Retro for! So first was Martyna and she got really good drive with only one minor!  And then the week after, Lucas gone for his check and this was only tick in the box, he has passed first time too!

HGV Driver

You can imagine that going for a test and failing once then again and again, this will have a big effect on your confidence and that’s where you start really going backwards than forwards. And it’s quite hard because you just need more lessons, you just need more practise to get this confidence back. So really, taking care of the students from the beginning to an end is the key to the success and we always put a big thing on that. So yes, so this is the story, big success story of Martina and Lucas. Their review can be found on google and you can see this big smiles on their faces! Drive safe guys!”

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