How Much Does An Average Lorry Driver Earn and what they need to do?

Lorry drivers work long hours and have to be on their toes at all times. They also have to deal with heavy loads and dangerous situations. Read more about what they do and how much they earn!

What Do Lorry Drivers Do?

Lorry drivers spend their days driving around the country delivering goods. They must be able to navigate through busy roads safely, and they need to be alert at all times. They often have to carry heavy loads, and they’re responsible for ensuring that everything gets delivered to its destination.

What Are Their Hours Like?

Lorry drivers usually start work between 6am and 7am and finish between 5pm and 6pm. However, some lorries will operate 24/7, meaning that they’ll be available any time of day or night. Most lorry drivers work Monday to Friday, although there are exceptions.

What Are Their Jobs Like?

Lorries are used to transport goods across the country. They’re often seen driving along motorways and through towns and cities. They carry everything from food and drink to furniture and household items.

What Are Their Risks?

There are risks involved when lorries are being driven. These include accidents and collisions.


What Are Their Benefits?

Lorries are used to transport goods across the country. They have opportunity to see beautiful landscapes, earn more money than average person and have a lot of time to listen music and eBooks.  If you don’t like your boss behind your back, but same time you would like to earn good money and you just like driving, this job is for you.

How much lorry drivers earn?
Between £19,000 and £28,000 per year is the average salary for a UK lorry driver. The job requires a lot of physical strength and stamina, so it’s no surprise that many people choose to drive trucks instead of cars. If you have category C you can easily earn minimum £500-600 a week, if you have C+E and you are ready to leave your home for few days or weeks for driving around the country, you can get even more.

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