Pass your driving test in under a week with a Blast Intensive Crash Course with The Retro School of Motoring

If taking lessons over a period of weeks is just too slow for you, it’s good to know that your local RDS driving instructor is here to help.

How long does it take?

With the Retro School of Motoring, you can pass your driving test in under a week. Yes really, this time next week you could be taking to the road as a fully licensed road user if you choose one of our fast-track Blast Intensive Driving Courses. Tests are arranged locally and available at short notice at either the Milton Keynes or the Leighton Buzzard test centres.

How much does it cost?

Unlike most driving schools, at RDS there’s no fixed fee for our blast intensive courses. Instead we speed the first 2 hours giving you and individual assessment to ascertain your ability and to identify areas that you should work on prior to your test. This unique approach often save a student money because they only pay for the lesson time they need.

What if I don’t pass my test?

We don’t guarantee that you’ll pass your test, but it’s very likely that you will with RDS. We maintain an excellent first time pass-rate of over 95% and so by choosing us, you’re giving yourself the very best chance of success and in the unlikely event that you do need to retake your test, we will help you understand what went wrong and ensure you’re fully prepared to pass your re-test

intensive driving course

What Makes Our Intensive Courses So Special?

Bespoke Training, Tailored to Suit Your Ability

At RDS, we don’t try to shoe horn you into a standard fixed-price package. Instead we conduct a thorough evaluation of your driving and tailor our tuition to focus on the specific areas you need to work on to pass your test.

This means our students pass fast, and typically with less hours tuition than most of the fixed priced courses offered by other local driving schools.

We Offer The Fastest “First Drive” to “Driving Test” in Buckinghamshire

We know you want pass quickly and there’s nobody better to help you. Although tests are subject to the availability of examiners at the test centre, we’ll advise which centres often have the shortest waiting times. We know well the prefer test routes for each of the local test centres so no one is better equipped to help you pass first time.

Pass Plus

pass plussOnce you’ve passed we don’t just drop you in at the deep end. As a student of The Retro School of Motoring, we’ll offer you PASS PLUS training for the reduced price of just £195. Pass Plus offers newly qualified drivers the chance to develop their skills on an nationally recognised training course and by completing pass plus you’ll be eligible for some reduced rate motor insurance policy offered by many high street insurers

Advance NLP Technique

We use our own neuro-linguistic programming technique to ensure you retain a high proportion of you training first time. NLP help ours students to become more confident on the road.  Acquired confidence has been shown to be one of the most important factors that help learner drivers to pass their test. At RDS we prepare you mind as well as ensure you have a good standard of driving ability

intensive driving course

Don’t delay, book your initial 2 hr assessment now for just £50 – Pay on the day, no credit card required

No deposit online booking 

With Retro you can even book your intensive course online. You don’t need a credit card because upon receipt of you order we’ll contact you directly to confirm you have a valid provisional license along with a few other things that will need to be in place to enable you to proceed.

Just enter your details into the form here.