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CPC driver – full cpc training guide.

CPC driver – the complete guide how to get the professional competence

Working as a professional driver can be attractive for a number of reasons. One of such reasons may be high earnings or the ability to travel to interesting places. Anyone who decides to work as a driver will definitely find a job, because there is a constant shortage of professional drivers in the UK.

If you want to driving professionally, first of all you will need to have properly licensed to drive certain vehicles. If you intend to drive trucks weighing more than 3,500 kg or vehicles for passenger transport, you must also pass the CPC course in addition to your driving licence to become a certificated driver cpc.

In this article you will find out:

  • CPC training for drivers – why is it needed?
  • What is a Driver CPC?
  • Where can I work with professional driver certificate?
  • Is the cpc driver certificate accepted in other countries?
  • Advantages of being a Driver CPC
  • How to find a job as Driver CPC?


CPC training for drivers – why is it needed?

Cpc training is a vocational course that is mandatory for drivers to be able to drive commercial vehicles. Even if you have a driving licence, you need to complete a CPC training to drive different types of heavy vehicles.

The driver cpc courses will teach the student how to read maps, use a tachograph and how to fill in a log book. CPC training will also teach the student how to use a satellite navigation system and how to carry out basic maintenance on their vehicle.

A CPC training certificate can be obtained either by attending an approved training centres or by taking an online training.

The driving lessons includes parking the heavy vehicle, driving through a variety of traffic conditions and manoeuvring in a safe manner.

In addition to classroom learning, students will also be required to drive practical sessions in vans that are similar to the ones they will be driving when they start their job.

CPC training is widely recognised in UK as the premier course for operating commercial vehicles. When completed, a driver can drive any vehicle that has a gross vehicle mass exceeding 3.5 tonnes and up to six axles on public roads, as well as vehicles with or without air brakes or trailers.

At the end of the course, each driver receives a certificate of professional competence and obtains the driver CPC qualification

What is a Driver CPC?

The Driver CPC is a test that you must pass if you want to be a professional driver. It tests your knowledge of the rules of the road and your understanding of how to drive safely.

New drivers wishing to become a CPC driver must complete CPC training and pass a series of initial qualification tests. The tests consist of a theoretical and a practical part.

The cpc licence must be renewed. To this end, every driver with a CPC certificate have to complete 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years. Otherwise, the certificate will become invalid.

There are three parts to the Driver CPC test:

1) The theory test,

2) The practical test, and

3) The hazard perception test.

The theory test is designed to demonstrate your knowledge of the rules of the road. It consists of 12 multiple-choice questions.

The practical test is designed to evaluate your ability to drive safety and accurately under pressure. You need at least 5 points on this part to pass the driver CPC test and be able to start driving professionally


cpc driver lorryWhere can I work with professional driver certificate?

Having a driver cpc status is a great career change. The CPC is the most sought-after qualification for professional drivers and it opens up many opportunities.

Driving a CPC vehicle enables you to work in the public transport industry, which includes bus, coach and taxi services. You can also work in private hire or delivery services, such as parcel delivery or food delivery.

Is the driver cpc certificate accepted in other countries?

A cpc driver certificate of professional competence valid in all European Union (EU) member states. If a driver cpc is driving in another EU country, he must still have a valid driver’s CPC, unless he has an exemption.

Advantages of being a CPC driver

The conclusion of this paper is that CPC drivers are some of the most skilled and knowledgeable professionals in the transportation industry.

They are trained to be responsible for the safety and well-being of their cargo, as well as their own. Truck drivers also have to make sure that they are following all regulations and laws set forth by their state, federal government, and other agencies.

In conclusion, truck drivers provide a valuable service to society. They help move goods from one place to another while also bringing them closer to consumers.


How to find a job as driver cpc?

Once you have confirmed your professional competence as a cpc driver, you will be able to start your job search.We want to show you 3 basic steps to find a trucking company to apply with.

There is a constant shortage of drivers in the UK. Therefore, do not worry, even if you don’t have much experience, you will definitely find a job. Especially if you have your driver qualification card.

Step 1: Check the Trucking Company’s Website

The first step is to check the website of the trucking company you are interested in applying with. This will give you an idea of what their culture and values are, what they do, and how they operate.

Step 2: Research Their Reviews

Next, you should research reviews on the trucking company’s website. This will give you a better idea of what working there is like and if it would be a good fit for you.

Step 3: Contact Them Directly

Finally, contact them directly either by email or phone to ask any questions that may have come up while researching them.


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